Maxwell EMC Facility

The Maxwell EMC Facility is dedicated to electromagnetic compatibility testing and electrostatic discharge testing on small to large test articles. The chamber consists of a shielded enclosure with continuously conducting metal walls, floors and ceilings. The ceiling and the walls are equipped with anechoic absorbers (absorbers on ceiling are sealed for cleanliness) to attenuate the reflected electromagnetic energy. The floor is lined with ferrite tiles and coated with a special epoxy avoiding electrostatic discharge. One wall is equipped with air-cooled high power resistive absorbers for auto compatibility testing and PIM testing.

Emission and susceptibility testing is fully automated which avoids modulation and overload problems and saves important time.

The main parameters of the Maxwell EMC are listed below:

Frequency range test equipment:
• Conducted emission testing
• Conducted immunity testing
• Radiated emission testing
• Radiated immunity testing
10Hz - 500MHz
10Hz - 100MHz
10Hz - 90GHz
10Hz - 120GHz
RF attenuation performance:
• 10kHz H-field
• 100MHz E-field
• 1GHz E-field
• 40GHz E-field
RF reflectivity performance:
• 100MHz
• 1GHz
• 40GHz
• 94GHz
Chamber dimensions   17 x 12.5 x 12m
Test article interface:
• Wooden air pallet, 15tons
• Cupper table
• Hoisting hook
• Hoisting points
5m x 5m
2m x 1.5m
1x, 10000kg
16x, 100kg