80kN Shaker

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80kN Shaker

The 80kN Shaker is an electrodynamic shaker to carry out vibration tests on smaller test articles.
The facility consists of:
• One 80kN shaker used in vertical configuration for tests on very small test articles.
• One slip table to which the shaker is coupled in horizontal configuration for lateral tests.
• Several discs and expanders to which the shaker is coupled in vertical configuration for longitudinal tests.

The 80kN Shaker is used for sine-, random- and transient testing in the frequency range from 3Hz to 2000Hz with acceleration levels from 0.05 g up to 100 g. A state-of-the-art control system is available with up to 36 available channels for vibration input control and automatic test article response limiting. More acceleration measurement channels can be recorded by a mobile data handling system.


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