Vibration Isolation System

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Versatile Vibration Isolation System (VVIS)

The Versatile Vibration Isolation System (VVIS) allows to mechanically decouple a test setup from its surrounding environment and generates a test environment with a very low mechanical background noise levels. The functional principle of VVIS is based on multiple negative stiffness mechanisms which can be complemented with an active vibration attenuation control loop to form a hybrid vibration isolation system.

Since the mechanisms and actuators inside VVIS are well characterised the interface stiffness of the test setup is known precisely and can even be adjusted (within limits).

VVIS can be used in ambient or in thermal vacuum conditions and is designed to be applied in different application scenarios such as a:
• Quiet platform to conduct low level, high accuracy measurements
• Zero displacement platform counteracting induced forces TBC
• Free-free simulation platform with a precisely known, low interface stiffness


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