Large Space Simulator

The Large Space Simulator is the largest space simulation facility in Europe. The specific design and excellent performance assure that a wide variety of tests can be performed: Solar simulation (incl. spacecraft motion), Infrared radiation, Vacuum temperature cycling, Deployment testing, Videogrammetry measurements and Dynamic balancing.

The Large Space Simulator consists of two vacuum chambers: The main vertical chamber and the auxiliary chamber. The main chamber purpose is for test article accommodation including motion system and portholes for connection of lines to/from the test article. The auxiliary chamber provides the accommodation for the sun simulator collimation mirror.

The main parameters of the Large Space Simulator are listed below:

Vacuum Pumping System:
• Typical achievable vacuum
• Lowest achieved vacuum
Shroud & Nitrogen Supply Equipment:
• Temperature in LN2 mode
• Heat Load in LN2 mode
• Temperature in GN2 mode
• Heat load in GN2 mode
• Surface emissivity
< 100K
150K - 350K
Sun Beam (6m diameter):
• Intensity
• Collimation angle
• Sun stability at 1 SC
• In-plane uniformity at 1 SC
• In-volume uniformity at 1 SC
70 - 2600W/m²
+/- 1.9°
+/- 0.5%
+/- 4%
+/- 6%
Sun Beam (2.7m diameter, non standard configuration):
• Intensity
• Full cone angle
  1 SC - 10 SC*

Motion System:
• Gimbal Stand inclination angle
• Yoke turning angle
• Spin Box rotation angle
• Spin Box velocity

+ 30°, - 29°
+/- 90°
> 360°
0 - 6 rpm
Main Chamber usable volume   Ø 9.5m x 10m
Test article interface:
• Spin Box IF Ring
• Seismic Block
• Suspension Points
Ø 870mm
3m x 3m
3x 3000kg

* Higher intensity on request.